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13 best Android tablets in the world

We've gone from zero Android tablets to stacks of the things in a very short space of time, and inevitably some are better than others.
Some have ten-inch screens, others seven, and there are big differences in battery life, processing power and on-board RAM. So while we wait for the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Amazon Kindle Fire, let's see what the current best tablets are...
Asus eee pc slider

1. Asus Eee Pad Slider

Best Android tablet for: doing things a little differently
The Apple iPad 2 is the daddy. It doesn't matter what the arguments for Android are, the fact is that the iPad is the best out-and-out tablet out there. And that's why the Slider is such a compelling option - it's not a straight iPad-competitor, it offers something different. The slide-out keyboard offers flexibility and functionality not on offer elsewhere.
It makes it easier to work on the train, type emails and documents with the convenience of not needing a dock or peripheral. What's more, the screen is the best we've seen on a 10-inch Android tablet, and it's also the most responsive. It's not for everyone, but it's currently the best device for showing off everything that Android can do.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Best Android tablet for: portability and power
In at number two is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 - and it's a funny little thing. It's essentially the same as its older brother, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but with an 8.9-inch screen. It's slightly thinner and lighter, and consequently more convenient for anyone wanting to stuff it in a bag.
Apart from these physical attributes, the internal components are basically the same. So you get the same slick performance and overall tablet experience. We've put this above the 10.1 because of the increased convenience owed to its slightly smaller size, but that shouldn't put you off going for the 10.1 if you're after a bigger screen.

3. Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Best Android tablet PC for: replacing your netbook
We love the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. It's been around for a while now, and in our opinion, it's still one of the most compelling Android tablets available. Not only is it powerful and well featured, it's designed to work with a keyboard dock which turns it into a fully-fledged Android-powered netbook.
The fact is that Android as an OS is still lagging behind iOS in terms of tablet usability, so products need a USP. And on that score, this is the tablet that changed the game.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Best Android tablet for: the out-and-out tablet experience
While the Transformer and Slider offer something a little different at an unbeatable price, our number 4 -the Galaxy Tab 10.1 - offers a direct alternative to Apple's iPad 2. Sporting the Tegra 2 dual-core CPU, it's both marginally thinner and lighter than the iPad 2. This is some achievement, especially when you consider the fuss Apple made about how thin and light the iPad 2 was on launch.
If you want an iPad-like tablet that's not an iPad, this is the one. The prices are the same as the iPad 2, so it's a straight shoot-out on features...
sony tablet s

5. Sony Tablet S

Best Android tablet for: PlayStation gaming
As a veritable mega-giant in the consumer tech universe, Sony's landing on Planet Tablet was always going to be interesting. Blasting off alongside the fold-in-half Tablet P, the Tablet S has a unique wedge-shaped design and top-end specs.
It's a very decent and refined tablet, and has the unique feature of having access to original PlayStation games. The only issue is that it's not as tidy as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and not as versatile as the Transformer. Apart from that, it's one of the best Android tablets out there.

6. Motorola Xoom

Best Android tablet for: sleek good looks and solid performance
At number six we have the Motorola Xoom. The Xoom was the first Honeycomb tablet to hit the shelves, and is thus the grandfather of the Android stable. Current prices are starting at about £300, which is great value for a 10-inch tablet of this calibre and it's thus worthy of your attention. Solid build quality, decent battery life, good performance. Beware though, theMotorola Xoom 2 is on its way.
Toshiba thrive review

7. Toshiba AT100 / Thrive

Best Android tablet for: anyone who wants a full-size HDMI port
There's a predicament with the Toshiba AT100: it has a certain appeal for advanced users who'll appreciate the slick performance, but the bulky size is a major problem.
One brilliant move was to make the USB and HDMI ports full size. You can just unplug your Xbox and snap in the Toshiba AT100 when you want to watch on an HD TV. The tablet enables you to plug in a regular keyboard and mouse – this ease of adding peripherals is a win. Battery life is another bonus. Yet, the hefty size and weight (plus the passable screen quality) is the main reason we prefer other recent tablets.

8. LG Optimus Pad

Best Android tablet for: Playing around with 3D
The consumer electronics giants are throwing everything at 3D, and LG has decided that its first Android tablet should play a role in its '3D is the best' hearts and minds mission. The tablet has dual-5MP cameras which work together to shoot 3D images and record 3D footage. Cool, huh? The problem is that there's no 3D screen, so if you want to watch your 3D movies you'll need to either plug the tablet into a 3D TV or watch in anaglyph 3D on the tablet's screen. If you're crazy about 3D, though, this is your next Android tablet.

9. Acer Iconia Tab A500

Best Android tablet for: fans of brushed aluminium bodywork
Acer's Android tablet is good looking and offers similar performance to the other Android 3.0 tablets on show here. We like it, but it's missing a bit of sparkle and there's not much here that we can cling on to. It's not as stylish as the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and doesn't offer anything different like the Transformer does with its keyboard.
Acer iconia tab a100

10. Acer Iconia Tab A100

Best Android tablet for: budget 7-inch tablet performance
It's hard to recommend the Acer Iconia Tab A100 in light of the 10-inch alternatives. Yet, for ebook fans and those who like smaller tabs, this is the best of the 7-inch lot.
In some ways, the BlackBerry PlayBook is better in a technical sense – at least it does real multitasking – but it has too few apps. We like the A100 for an express purpose: greater mobility and book reading. For most tasks, a 10-inch tablet is a wiser bet. But for well under £300, this is not a bad product.
htc flyer

11. HTC Flyer

Best Android tablet for: Portability and fans of Sense UI
HTC has decided to release this tablet running on Android Gingerbread, which will upset some purists that believe these tablets should run on Honeycomb. However, the HTC Sense overlay deals with that, offering a new range of widgets and content to mask the fact it's running older versions of the OS (although a Honeycomb update is imminent).
The new tablet has a 7-inch LCD screen, and comes with an aluminium unibody shell that feels very nice in the hand. However, with a price of nearly £600, can this tablet compete?

Archos 101 g9

12. Archos 101 G9

Best Android tablet for: those on a budget
If you're in the market for a capable tablet, but have a limited budget, then this is one of the best options outside of the price cuts that you can get.The potential problem is we're about to be bombarded by cut-price tablets, and much better units can be had for this kind of cash - tablets with more memory, built from better materials and generally put together with more love.

samsung galaxy tab

13. Samsung Galaxy Tab

The original iPad rival - does the Galaxy Tab still have something to offer?
Samsung's original 7-inch Galaxy Tab is looking a bit old and tired now, and we weren't big fans of it when it was brand new anyway. However, with heavy discounts, this tablet is now available for under £300 and there are plenty of attractive 3G package deals available. There's no Android 3.0 here though, which makes this Tab little more than a smartphone on steroids.
And our pick of the hottest up-and-coming tablets is….

Amazon Kindle Fire

After months of speculation, the Amazon Kindle Fire has been officially announced at an event in New York, marking the first time the company has entered the tablet market proper. The successor to the Amazon Kindle is a 7-inch device that comes with Android, albeit a version that has been heavily altered by Amazon to make the best use of the company's e-shopping spine.
The screen is an IPS display that's made from Gorilla Glass, it houses dual-core processor, and weighs in at 14.6 ounces. There is a tablet-optimised shopping app on board - this is said to comprise simplified and streamlined pages, so it is easier to buy stuff on than the actual Amazon website.
Come back for our full Amazon Kindle Fire review very soon!
By: James Rivington
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